Course Reflection

Finally, us students of class CS108 have reached the end of the semester. To be honest, this was my favorite class throughout the whole semester. I really enjoyed meeting all the people from the class and developing games with everyone. In this blog post, I will talk about what I learnt from this class and […]

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Puzzle Roller

As a final project for this class, I decided to develop a 3D puzzle solving game. The name of the game is puzzle roller. In this blog post, I plan to explain about puzzle roller, where it is at in development and where I plan to take it from here. As previously mentioned, puzzle roller […]

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GPS games in all their glory

GPS games are an interesting and unique field of spatial games that have a lot of possibility for growth. They are interesting because they are one of the few entertainment experiences that create game experiences involving the real world and technology. I tried out Ingress, a popular GPS game by niantic in class today and I […]

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Jeff’s Adventure Update

Jeffrey and I decided to continue working on Jeff’s Adventure. Game Credits Artist and Designer – Jeff Jose Programmer and Producer – Jeffrey Shin Background Music and Audio Effects created using bfxr – Jeff Jose Art and animation using graphicsgale – Jeff Jose Coding and game development using gamemaker – Jeffrey Shin Link To Game – Rules […]

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